International Christian Centre


Administration Department

The church administration department manages all the efforts, activities and ministries of Faith Heritage Ministries Trust, as a UK registered charity organization, with statutory demands, and regulations. We believe our administrative system should, in time, be robust and comparable to any established charitable or corporate organisation. We are constantly reviewing our administrative requirements, within the context of available resources and necessities. The church administration plans and makes decisions, both large and small, for day-to-day consistency and smooth running of the church. The administrative team embraces all Faith Heritage Ministries and Faith Chapel Network values including the wise stewardship of God’s resources for the accomplishment of the work of ministry, in a manner that glorifies God.

We have established leaderships and various governing structures to work within the directions of God’s Word and established policies and procedures. We have appointed a Council of Elders to provide spiritual oversight, for all aspects of the church’s ministries. We also have a Board of Trustees, Church Management Committee and Local Church Council, comprising various groups and committees leaders, who are involved relevant decisions, management of church finances, facilities, equipment and organising and managing ministry programs. Key administrative committees are the Project and Finance management committees. With regard to operations, we are establishing biblically consistent policies and procedures in writing, which are available for reference.  These are in direct relationship with the pastoral care and the cell-leader structures as well.