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Faith Chapel Network

FHICC – Home of Champions

Unit 6, Gemini Park,
Sheepscar Way, Leeds. LS7 3JB

Telephone: 0113-345-1516 or 0775-885-8383


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Prayer Request

Use our Prayer form below to contact us on your prayer request. Let us join our faith with you to trust God for your miracle and a way out of every challenging situation. SHALOM


  • Church Office Telephone: 0113-345-1516
  • Church Office Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Emergencies / Pastoral                    
    • 0775-885-8383
    • 0751-315-7518
    • 0788-870-5453
  • Child Protection Issues                  
  • Health & Safety Issues
    • 0775-885-8383


Sunday Services: 11:00h – 13:00h

First Sunday of the Month is Guest Service Called “100 Minutes With God)

(Most Sundays are Themed as Guest, Communion, Anointing or Thanksgiving Services)

Wednesdays Services: 19:00h – 20:30h

(Focuses on Prayer and The Word)

Last Wednesday of the Month – CBI (CBI – Champions Bible Institute)

Home-Reach and Outreaches Champions Academy (Supplementary School)

12:00 – 14:00h during school term

Love Mission Rescue: As organised

Home Visits and Network usually after 2pm

Monthly (Wednesdays to Fridays): 

First Wednesday to Thursday of the Month Is Prayer and Fasting for Spiritual Emphasis on the Theme of the Month. The Friday night doubles as the “Dominion Night”, which is designed to enforce the Dominion of the Cross of Jesus Christ and Victory over Life Struggles

Monthly (Thursdays & Fridays):  

The last Thursday and Friday of the Month

Champions Discovery Class – for New Members


  • Prayer Group - Every Friday: 18:00 – 19:00h.
  • Music Group - 3RD Friday of the Month from 7:30pm
  • OFFICE OPENS - Mondays to Wednesdays 09:00h – 12:30h


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