International Christian Centre


Facilities & Hospitality

We aspire to be a user-friendly church. That is why we put emphasis on the experience of our members and guest, when they attend our services and meetings. Our Facilities Department looks after our auditorium and helps ensure that we create an atmosphere that is well managed, clean, safe and is tailored to specific meeting needs. Our Facilities Team looks after interior decorations, health and safety requirements and needs and ensures that whenever you attend, the environment is welcoming, comfortable and enhances your ability to relax, meditate, reflect, concentrate and enjoy the presence of God and other members and attendees. We love to be unique and use God’s gifts and express creativity. Our hospitality team helps facilitate the warmth and care that is so necessary in expressing the love of God to others. They provide refreshments and entertain members and guests after most of our meetings. If you wish to contact or are interested in being part of this ministry, do email at