International Christian Centre


Arts and Media Ministry

The vision of the art and media ministry of Faith Chapel are to use excellent electronic, expressive talent, dance and other audio-visual, graphic or illustrative arts, print and broadcast to enhance members and guests worship of God, understanding of the scriptures and messages, and as outreach tools to better communicate the Love of God, with clarity and insight. Thus assisting in the fulfilment of FHICC vision of empower people, through their interaction with various expressions of Truth and Love of the Gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God. As such, the arts and media ministry forms an integral part of the local church committed to exalting the Lord, educating learners, equipping leaders and extending Christ's Love to the people groups of all the world.

Every member of Faith Chapel is a Media Agent for the Gospel and the Church, in that they are pro-active in enhancing their image and public perception through their lifestyles. Specifically, our Media Ministry is responsible for:

  • Publicity Arrangements for Events
  • Design
  • Media and PR
  • Website Management
  • Publication and Distribution of Messages and Teaching materials

The Media Ministry encompasses our, media resources, this website, advertising, graphics, podcasts, and technical support in the areas of audio, video, lighting and photography. If you have interest or skills in any of these following areas, please do get in touch with us from our Information Desk or email