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Campus Ministry - LUCC

Our Campus Ministry is in its infancy. We launched the Leeds Universities Christians Connect group. Please do email for updates:

Although a young congregation, we have a BIG vision and network of support systems, for maximal impact within our community. That is why we have taken the initiative to embark on Universities Campus Outreach Program – through our Mission-2 -ACHIEVE theme. 

Our goal is to be a source of help and support for university students during their stay in the City. Our focus is spirituality and personal development with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, We assist students to become Life Champions, empowered to ACHIEVE their goals and transform their lives and that of their Circle of Influence or Community.

The Universities Connect Groups (Leeds Universities Christians Connect), are designed to be run by the campus students themselves, with resource support from the church. Our Connect Groups are great sources of comrade, strength, networking, brainstorming, and self-help, specific to university students, especially with regard to living a focused, influential and profitable victorious Christian lives. LUCC core values are focused on A-C-H-I-E-V-E: ATTITUDE, CONNECTION, HARD-WORK, IMPACT, ENERGY, VISION, & EXCELLENCE.

Family Life Ministry

Family Life Ministry exists in partnership with Men's and Women's Ministries to raise up godly families who stand on Biblical truth and are committed to knowing Christ and making Him known. Our family life ministry activities are integrated with and incorporated into and functional within the Home Connect Groups. These include ministries to Couples, Singles, Single-parent families, children within various family arrangements. 

Our goals are to support and equip all types of Faith Chapel and associates’ families in all stages of life with hope and strength, helping them live out Christian family lifestyles in the midst of hostile and anti-family environments. We also aim to bring restoration and healing to broken individuals and families through practical relationship with Jesus Christ and training in family matters, including challenging families to recognize their role in sharing the love of God, and participating in their local church and community activities and outreaches.

Benevolence Ministry (Joseph Storehouse)

The Faith Chapel Benevolence Ministry (Joseph Storehouse) is integrated with and incorporated into and functional within our Missions Department. We provide assistance to those in need of food, clothing, shelter, and emergency reasonable financial assistance. A person in need is anyone who has a serious urgent necessity with no visible or viable means of immediate resolution. Benevolent help or funds are not established as a hand-out or giveaway easy help to fund or assist in the development of social and economic dependency, cigarette or drug habits, poor financial management; or intended for the cunning and the lazy individuals. It is designed to provide any legitimate need which can be determined as such as outlined by the Word of God and sound judgment. In addition to emergency financial assistance, the Benevolence Team maintain a food and clothing bank for the express purpose of meeting the needs of the poor.

Recreation Ministry

This ministry is also incorporated into and functional within the Home Connect Groups, Children’s, Men’s and Women’s ministries.  There are opportunities for undertaking, indoor and outdoor Christ-centred, fun-filled activities, sports and travels, for all age groups. These activities are holistic, helping members and associates improve their fitness while they enjoy the fellowship of others. There are other benefits, such as helping to develop a winning attitude, endurance, teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship—all while having a great time and making new friends. Recreation Ministry provides many great ways to exercise the body as well as build character and relationships, while at the same time helping to build the Kingdom of God by using recreation and sports as ministry tools, to share the Love of God, , disciple believers, facilitate worship, and encourage fellowship,

Prison & Street Ministries

We believe in the transforming power of the Gospel and the forgiving power of the Blood of Jesus, which is efficacious in eternally wiping away sins, and restoring back to normal functioning individuality. Our Prison and Street Ministries are conducted in association with various para-church organisations, who have considerable and person experience in ministering salvation, deliverance and rehabilitation to those who are currently involved or have been involved in drug and alcohol misuse, prostitution and those who are homeless, helping them also to engage appropriate government agencies.